March 29, 2011

spring fever

I have the worst case of spring fever/garden fever ever, in the history of ever. remember how I said that any time you encounter me, I'm probably thinking about my injury? well, I take it back: now I'm thinking about my injury, but I'm also considering what kind of trellis supports to use, and whether I can fit the cucumbers in next to the strawberries, and whether I should have gotten those books from the library before I made my garden plan for the season, and if I should consider moving the sunflowers away from the pole beans.

it's exhausting. is it may yet? I have planting to do.

I don't think I've explicitly mentioned it on the blog, but this summer I'll be unemployed from late may through late august. times are hard in the non-profit arts world, and many companies, including ours, are taking drastic measures to keep the books balanced. in our case, some people who were originally on year-long contracts have been switched to 10-month contracts, and some others who were already on shorter contracts have had their work time further reduced. it is hard on everyone, but for the most part we accept what's happening with minimal bitterness; there is not much right now that anyone can do until the economy stabilizes.

plus, free summer!

so, in order to not starve, I'm hoping to feed myself almost exclusively from what I plant. last year I hardly bought any produce from july to october, and that was with a garden I didn't start until june, where I gave no thought to when things should be planted and a third of what went in the ground bolted. this year I believe I can nearly live off my garden if I do it right.

my community garden plot is 400 square feet which, while not as big as a yard, is bigger than the studio apartment I rented in graduate school. this year, I have plans to grow the following:

lettuce (this kind, along with several other varieties)
a variety of kales
pole beans
cucumbers (this kind plus hopefully regular ones)
a mesclun blend
four different varieties of tomatoes: (early girls [which are my favorite], ananas noire, white currant, chocolate cherry)
snap peas
these beautiful purple brussels sprouts, plus regular ones
golden beets (from last year's leftover seeds)

and LUFFAS! because I am so excited that you can grow your own bath products. we'll see how they go; Scott's very adept gardener friend had trouble with hers last year.

annnnnnnnd I want FLOWERS this year because last year I didn't have any and I felt sad without them. I want tall flowers but they have to be planted strategically or else they will block all my sun:

edible chrysanthemums
other edible flowers (a mix)
this really fun monarda, which I'm sorry I only ordered one of but who has space??

and I'm JUST DYING for this agastache but territorial is sold out so I'll have to get it elsewhere.

I DON'T KNOW HOW THAT WILL ALL FIT?! I am probably a crazy person. actually, I have it all plotted out but lord knows how it will go in real life. I hope it grows all crazy and jungle-like and maybe I will be able to build a fort out of tall flowers and hide in it.

wee tulip
[I have a great camera app on my phone that is sadly in japanese -- literally -- and I don't know what the effects are so sometimes I get ridiculously artsy pictures when I don't mean to. this is one of my emerging queen of the night tulips. they are BLACK. or they will be.]


  1. (Nooo....I just left a long comment and blogspot ate it! Boo hiss.)

    Basically, it said 1) luffa is a gourd is BLOWING MY MIND; 2) I am jealous of your garden and can't wait to see more pictures this summer!

  2. THEY MAKE PURPLE BRUSSELS SPROUTS? My mind is blown. And now I want to grow edamame too!

  3. Jesse: I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?! I seriously was like, "wait, what? you grow them IN THE GARDEN?" I still kind of can't believe it. Also I lived my whole life up to now thinking it was spelled "loufa."

    Heather: I KNOW RIGHT??!?! :) I started the brussels sprouts from seed late last week. The wee baby seedlings are, of course, purple. They are heartbreaking!