March 9, 2011

miscellaneous: librarians

so I think it's pretty safe to say that most librarians just adore playing with the typical librarian stereotypes. basically, librarians like pretending that they're ... librarians.

stereotype 1: codgy old maid

case in point.

stereotype 2: sexy librarian

do you know I had no idea there was a 'sexy librarian' thing until I enrolled in library school? I.. I had no idea. a friend was like, "YEAH! Now you can rock the sexy librarian thing!" and I thought, that's a thing?

then I dropped out of library school! so now I just have to play dress-up as a real librarian.

anyway, I am excited because despite only being a fake librarian, my little library gets to be featured in a tiny blurb in an article running next week on neighborhood notes, a cool little website that features, like, everything going on around this town. they're doing a story about hidden libraries in portland! isn't that fun! anyway, I got interviewed by one of their contributors last week, which was particularly funny because he admitted he had no idea what an opera librarian did, and therefore didn't even know what to ask! luckily, that's standard issue for this job.

(in case you haven't been able to figure out what it is I do from my random mutterings on this blog, MOLA has a great write-up of the job. it makes me feel real good to be called "organizationally gifted.")

Then, yesterday, they sent a photographer out to take a photo shoot of me in the library. a photo shoot! I wanted SO BAD to take a scandalous picture 'in the stacks' but a) the opera would kill me, and b) I didn't think the photographer got librarian humor. actually, I had to explain to him what my job entailed so he had some idea of what to take pictures of. I'm happy to report my eraser also makes a cameo. my biggest regret is that it used to have "oops!" printed on the side but it's since been rubbed out by too much use.

I know.

the best part is, the existence of this story might be entirely due to the power of drinking with strangers networking; every once in awhile I go for cocktails with a group of awesome twitter ladies, none of whom I knew personally before. I love the internet. and on one of these evenings I met lynnette, who I think runs neighborhood notes? or at least my impression of her is that she was awesome enough to be running the thing. that was over a year ago, but hey! next week there will be a story about me! funny how the universe works!

in other tiny-fame news, a zine I wrote back in graduate school is being featured in an exhibit at barnard, which, you probably don't know this but it has a really amazing, comprehensive zine library. I don't even know how they got the zine -- did I submit it? maybe a friend did? I don't remember -- but anyhow, it's now on display as part of an exhibit about disability zines.

best part: I MADE THE CARD CATALOGUE. a librarian's dream.

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