March 17, 2011

good weekend

Dayna came to visit me!

  • seriously ate cake for at least three meals, two of which were in one day
  • snowshoed around Trillium Lake


  • ate honest-to-god real grasshoppers at Sushi Mazi (Cristina and I pretty much made a habit of convincing all people we encountered to do this, so I'm happy to continue the tradition; I just got Scott to do it last week)
  • had drinks at Vault


  • polished off a bottle of champagne at Scott's
  • ate at Screen Door (my very favorite brunch spot, worth the hour wait)
  • went shopping, obvs
  • bought really cute hats

    2011-03-11 12.24.10

  • watched movies and scarfed down an entire pizza in 10 minutes
  • survived bikram
  • ate two whole bags of gummi worms in about 15 minutes
  • ran the Shamrock 5K in TUTUS and a crapton of St. Patty's swag

    2011-03-13 08.52.40

  • stood in line for an hour at Voodoo
  • got pedicures
  • called our grandmom

    pretty good weekend, huh? it made up for not seeing each other for the last 13 months. after I put her on the plane Sunday night, I came home and fell asleep on the couch at 8:30. what?! I'm pushing 30, people, I can't run with the 26-year-olds no more.

    1. that tutu photo is amazing. i wish i'd had such a getup and friend for my 5k! sounds like an amazing weekend. and sister.

    2. I love Vault! Sounds like an awesome weekend.