February 27, 2011

les soeurs

walking through woods on a snowy morning

my sister ashley (eighth grade) sent me an extra credit classroom assignment back in the fall, for her history class. the task at hand was to visit a historical location near my home and take a photo of myself in front of it, holding a giant neon copy of a one dollar bill. if I returned it, she got a free homework pass. I had the whole school year.

good sister

on the oregon trail

well, internet, I take my sisterly duties seriously. also, I have a secret desire to be the coolest older sister ever. she's thirteen so I'm sort of reaching the end of an era with that one, you know? like, I think I only have maybe another eight months before she stops thinking it's cool that I borrow all her clothes when I go home.

a certain someone

I finally got around to it this past weekend, when a certain someone and I spent a couple of days cross-country skiing at mt. hood. we stopped on the way up the mountain and scott gamely hiked half a mile through the snow with me to visit laurel hill chute, considered perhaps the single hardest hill in all 2,000 miles of the oregon trail.

oregon trail marker

original wagon route

it was pretty awesome. on nearby sections of barlow road (of which laurel hill chute is a part), you can apparently still see wagon wheel ruts -- only now, after hundreds of years of erosion, those ruts are in places SIX FEET DEEP! dudes. history is awesome.

also you might remember that you had to choose between taking the barlow toll road and floating down the columbia river as the final task in oregon trail, the computer game.

my sister caitlin, recently eighteen, just got a tattoo on her shoulder. she drew it herself.

tattoo art

it is GORGEOUS. now I know who to ask if I ever need a tattoo drawn. have I mentioned she and I have never met?

my sister dayna is coming to visit me! in two weeks! exclamation point!


she's flying in from san diego for a long girls' weekend. what are we even going to do?! we don't know. we're going to eat donuts and go out for drinks and run a 5K. we are both injured and neither of us is cleared to run yet (she broke her foot recently and just got out of her walking boot; I have a torn hip flexor), but we'll shuffle along in our MATCHING TUTUS.

we don't actually have matching tutus yet but we will.

(p.s. d, there are like ZERO photos of us together. why. is. this.)

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  1. We'll change that next weekend. Be prepared for lots of gratuitous Facebook-style snapshots.