January 10, 2011

welcome back

firstly: I am still alive. hooray!

next: whether because I got eight days of relative loafing in maryland, or maybe because I'm suffering from delayed fatigue due to the streak, or maybe just because MY LIFE FEELS ENDLESSLY CRAZY, I am kind of overwhelmed lately. I decided in order to be a Productive Member of Society, I really needed to sit down at the beginning of each week, make a schedule, and then stick to that schedule. this is a thing that people do, right? my M.O. for, um, ever has been to make a vague schedule (with some things set in stone) and then just wing it according to my mood. only, that often ends up turning into me looking up and down the to-do list and going, 'do I go to the barn, and then to the store and then to [one of a hundred other things]? or do I clean the house, vacuum the car, THEN go to the barn, etc etc?" in the end I get so addled I end up just sitting on the couch watching crime dramas. I mean, that's fine up until the point when you get up and decide you are really going to train your horse this time, and you are really going to start reading regularly again, and you're going to be better about hanging out with your friends, and also you're running a marathon in a few months.

tl;dr: I'm tired. as usual. almost every day last week, I crashed within an hour of getting home. who is driving this bus? I want to get off.

some things I've learned in 2011:
  • after just two days straight of driving to the barn after work to exercise your horse, you'll feel sad on day 3 when you can't get down there

  • things learned from playing cranium with friends this weekend: blackberries and raspberries are not really berries (they're 'conglomerate fruits'); I can't tell the difference between beethoven and mozart when seeing their photos at a glance; nobody remembers the name of the pilot who orbited the shuttle while the rest of the astronauts of Apollo 11 were out walking on the moon; I can't spell out loud.

  • also from playing cranium this weekend: Scott & I are rock stars at charades.

  • hula hooping is really really hard work

    hula time.

  • incidentally, so is the limbo, and if you do both too hard at your holiday party, you will be wildly sore the next day.

    also related: taking an 8-day break after running 101 days will not make your 3-month old back problem much better, and neither will doing the limbo.

  • your first couples costume will be a resounding success, partially thanks to great Goodwill karma and partially because your boyfriend's costume is charmingly authentic (because he actually fishes).

    best catch of the night

  • hula hooping + doing the limbo + running + mucking stalls + horseback riding + cross country skiing (all in one four-day span) = OWWWzers.

  • cross-country skiing (we took our first of four classes yesterday) is simultaneously harder and as fun than I remember from that one trip I took in college.

  • mt. hood is real pretty in the snow. (I didn't bring my camera so you have to trust me on this one).
happy 2011, everyone. it's my year of doing great things. more to come on that one.

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