December 8, 2010

day 84

yesterday was the opera tree trimming. we have a big artificial tree that goes in our lobby (which has a nice window to the eastbank esplanade), and everyone's invited to come down and help. it usually ends up just being 5-6 people, but that's OK. I wasn't down there this year because I'd opted to stay in my office and get some things done. then I got a phone call -- it was one of my coworkers, downstairs. "hi, we're trimming the tree," she said, "and we're trying to put your tree topper on it and we can't figure out how to make it stay. can you come down?"

I had totally forgotten! three or four years ago, while setting up one of the rehearsal studios for our annual kickass holiday party, I had made an impromptu tree star out of shiny plastic wrapping paper, leftover cloth ribbon, a wrapping paper tube and a pizza box. and tape. no joke.

so now every year it gets put on the tree. it tickles me to death. I made it! it was just temporary! it makes me feel like part of the family -- like it's one of those ornaments I made as a first-grader that my mother still hangs up. the most wonderful bit is that I manage to forget every year, so every year it's a delightful surprise to go downstairs and put the star on the tree. my star! this year the top of the tree got bent, so I had to do some finagling, but I got it up there. then I stayed and hung ornaments and let everybody listen to the insane amount of christmas music I have on my laptop.

my favorite part has always been Linus saying, "I never thought it was such a bad little tree! it's not bad at all, really. maybe it just needs a little love." maybe indeed.

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