November 30, 2010

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morning commute


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last week we had a couple of unseasonably cold days, where the daily highs were in the upper 20s. this is, unfortunately, one way to find out that your car battery is ill and infirm. I went to start my car tuesday morning and it went sputter sputter wheeze hack, turned over very feebly, and refused to do anything else. awesome! a certain someone graciously acted as my taxi service.

the next morning I was disappointed to discover that magical car-repair elves won't visit you in your sleep, no matter how hard you wish for them. the car still wouldn't start, so I cleaned off n appalling amount of corrosion from the battery contacts, tried in vain to remove the cables so I could clean the actual contacts themselves, gave up, put on a bunch of layers, and walked to work. (let it be said that my nice downstairs neighbor, byron, offered to jump start my car but having just poured hot water on the contacts I thought it best that both of us avoid electrocution for the morning).

so, I had a brisk alternative morning commute. I live about three miles from the office. it was nice, although I don't have the kind of free time necessary to do it every day. the walk took me just under an hour. I cursed myself for not riding my bike. on the way home, I strapped my bag to my body with tie lines (shoelace-type ties we use on the stage) and ran the 3 miles home. way faster.

I have a new battery now. that thing is fantastic.


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