November 24, 2010

the long haul


well, it's official: I'm registered for the eugene marathon. now I have until may 1 to convince my body that we're gonna do this again. at the very least, unless I DNF, I should do wildly better than my last marathon. so that's something. I mean, shaving 90 minutes or more off your PR is nothing to sneeze at, right?

training for a marathon seemed like an obvious choice for transitioning out of the streak. when I begin formally training, I'll have 14 weeks of running under my belt, not to mention 14 weeks of discipline. I've run streak runs in the morning, at lunch, at night, in twenty degree weather, in the pouring rain, in hail, and in non-running clothes. now I begin the process of transitioning mentally from "I have to go on some kind of run today, distance TBD" to "I have to run four miles at race pace today." I can't decide if this will be easy or hard. likewise, I haven't decided when I'm ending the streak. if I'm ending the streak. I won't make that decision until marathon training begins. I'm still afraid to let it go.

I'm nervous about this marathon, because I'm still not convinced I'll ever be an enthusiastic long distance runner. also, I have enormous hopes for it. I have a secret finish time goal that I'm keeping from everyone, including a certain someone, who is already trying to guess it. I'm nervous that my training plan is too conservative, mileage-wise, but have chosen it because I know myself and my schedule and I don't want to physically or mentally burn out. also, my current training is still on the low end -- just 18 or so miles a week -- and I am trying to be very cautious about adding miles. I continue to have problems with my left hip. I'm beginning to think it's just going to hurt for the long haul.

but: I am excited. I couldn't wait to get that registration confirmation email (it came yesterday). I don't run many races because I can't afford them. I realized yesterday that my race record doesn't reflect the kind of runner I feel I am, particularly pace-wise. then again, I've just reread a few running-related entries from this here bloggy blog and I guess I have gotten significantly faster over the course of this year, since in march I was stoked to have run an 8:41/mile average in the 15K. these days that seems relaxed.

in conclusion: we'll see how it goes.

in other long haul news, a certain someone and I just celebrated six months together earlier this week. tomorrow is our first thanksgiving. (we're hosting). say it with me: awww.

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