November 17, 2010

let's see. we closed hansel & gretel this weekend. many of us are very tired. I forgot I even had a blog. (ok, not really). at the opera it's time to clean up and move on. turandot chorus began rehearsal on monday. I can't even believe it.

things on my mind:

grow or cut:

I'm terribly conflicted about my hair. sometimes it looks like this:


cute, right? other times, it looks like this.

quelle horreur

I really love short hair -- it requires almost no maintenance, and I happen to have a good head for it. but sometimes I miss having hair. a certain someone didn't even know that my hair is curly until I showed him a photo.

now is the time to make this decision, because I'm reaching awkward phase, round two. (round one wasn't so bad but two promises to be a doozy). I either cut, or suffer through. ugh. in lieu of a decision, I let it grow.

day 63
I've been running every day for nine weeks. I'm on the streak upswing. the things that hurt in the 50s (days 50-59) are getting better. I decided to tell my body to SUCK IT UP and I started running the mileage I actually wanted to run. it turns out, nothing's really gotten worse. I've been stretching the crap out of everything, particularly my hips, and it seems to be working. the tweaky places are still tweaky, but less so.

let me just take a moment to say that all those studies that say stretching doesn't prevent injury? I'm sorry, but they are crazy. I have always had a good stretching routine -- I developed all my running habits back in high school, and to this day I follow the same order of stretches as we did then -- but now I have taken my stretching to the next level. and it's clearly made everything feel better. knots = bad. flexibility = good. whatever, science.

anyway. I continue to have revelations about running, and I continue to oscillate between a strong desire to continue the streak, and a resolution to stop after day 101. as with my hair, I suspect that in lieu of a decision, I'll just keep pumping out miles.

oh, but let me tell you one of the revelations:
even though I've been running, on average, only 13 miles a week, and even though many of those miles are quite a bit slower than even my average run pace (not to mention my race pace), I feel as though I'm a significantly better runner now than I was 63 days ago. I guess that sounds obvious -- of course, after nine weeks, you'd improve! -- but it's a real surprise to me. thirteen miles is practically nothing, spread out over the seven days of a week, and yet today, one mile into my 4 mile loop, I felt pretty relaxed and thought, "I wonder how fast I'm going? I bet it's 8:45 or so," only to look down and discover that I was running 7:45s instead. The last time I surprised myself by being faster than I thought, I was running 8:15s. thirty seconds better. not too shabby.

scott and I are hosting. and I am SO! EXCITED! I have a hundred million ideas for things to make. I can't tell you what those things are because they are a SURPRISE.

unrelated to anything
I've been knitting a lot. so much that I injured my wrist. I am a delicate little flower.

holidays (misc)
I am working on convincing my sister to come home for christmas, so we can go carousing around town, completing secret missions and eating cupcakes. I have secret dreams of smuggling my teenage sister from my dad's house in virginia so the three of us can do something fabulous, like maybe drink cokes and paint our nails.

I've been totally consumed by the overwhelming desire to bake gingerbread houses, knit scarves, sit by a fire, drink cocoa, watch snow fall, and all the other things that come with the holidays. This can also be filed under "I want a vacation." As in previous years, I am really looking forward to being home with my family. I'm only there for six days this year, and I'm sure it'll be a whirlwind, but I am really excited. I haven't been home in nearly a year. as usual, I have a bunch of friends to drink beers with, and I require at least one full day in my pajamas.

lastly, I am on track to kiss a certain someone at midnight on new years. this year's list is SO going down.

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