September 26, 2010

moving forward

why I have not bought an opening night dress

Picture 3

because what the hell is this. seriously. they all look like this.


j.crew is actually trying to NOT sell me this dress.


or this one. WHAT IS GOING ON. every single j.crew model is slouching, or wearing like, hiking boots, or hasn't brushed her hair in four days. I don't understand.

because what I want is this:

Picture 4

is that so difficult?

trying to bend the space/time continuum
item a: Scott gets home in one week
item b: Hansel & Gretel orchestra music is due in one week

I don't know how it's possible to want to warp time simultaneously in both directions, but that's what's going on here. sadly, the orchestra music is technically due before Scott touches down, so even if I did have the power to manipulate time it really wouldn't help any.

weird love affairs
I pulled the second of six radicchio heads from my garden the other day. as I was washing it/cutting it up/putting it through the salad spinner, I kept exclaiming, "this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!" I might be easy to please, but in my defense, one of the community garden managers complimented it when we ran into each other last week. "mine didn't even grow," he said. that thing could have won the state fair.

the opera people are awesome
our marketing department has, in previous seasons, invited local bloggers to come to a performance and live blog about the show. (they don't blog during the act but they do take notes and then post their thoughts during the intermissions). twice now, we've had comic artist mike russell come to blogger night; he made amazing comic versions of both Rigoletto and Barber of Seville. inspired by that, and by the fact that Portland is a true hot spot for comic artists (we are second in the nation only to NYC), we had comic artist night last week at one of the rehearsals. The comics, which you can see here, are beautiful.

my very favorite, by erika moen, who was totally new to opera:


(at the end of Carmina Burana, in a reversal of the norm, the lead female dancer lifts the lead male completely over her shoulders)

the rest of erika's drawings can be seen here.

11 days
I'm streaking. today was day eleven. because I'm weird when it comes to things like this, I refuse to talk about the streak ever again, until I reach day one hundred.

continued epic failure
I still haven't ridden my bike. I don't even want to talk about it.

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