September 8, 2010


friday morning, we will put down one of the mares at the barn, a horse who belongs to my instructor's sister. syd (the horse) has seen many of us through lessons, adults and children alike. many of us are grateful to her for getting us through rocky places in our riding, myself included. she's a fixture at the barn, and it will be hard to say goodbye. but she's suffering from some untreatable health issues, the worst of which is a tumor very close to her esophagus, which because of its location (it's also pressing against the carotid artery) is inoperable. it's made it difficult for her to swallow, and therefore to eat, and she's dropped a ton of weight. everything that can be done for her has officially been done, so the decision has been made to let her go. she is 26 years old. we'll miss her. she's getting as many pets and hugs and treats as we can give her before she goes.

syd & the chicken

a certain someone left in the wee hours of this morning for a month-long trip to italy. he's spending a week with his family in tuscany (I'd like my family to take a page out of this book, please) and then another few weeks bike touring. we've been talking about it since we first started dating but it still didn't feel real until last night. at 4 AM we stood outside to wait for the shuttle (I couldn't drive him to the airport because I couldn't fit the bike box in my car), but when it came, the sudden farewell still felt like a surprise. he's going to have a great time, but it'll be awfully lonely here without him.

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