August 6, 2010

a litany

1. my car looks more and more ghetto every day. two years ago I backed (at -- no joke -- less than 5 mph) into a parked car whose bumper was apparently made of adamantium; the car I hit was unscarred but I acquired a GIGANTIC HOLE in my fender. a few weeks ago, whether by an act of vandalism or just by the slow degradation of fiberglass, my passenger side mirror fell off. but not entirely off, because it's an electric mirror. now it dangles uselessly by its wire against the side of the car. icing the cake: the trees outside my apartment building -- poplars? I don't know -- have been expelling sap or pollen or some sort of viscous, sticky substance. the car is covered in this gook about every 4 days. for unknown reasons, my windshield wiper fluid pump isn't working properly and therefore I can't spray my windows while driving. so now I've taken to equipping myself at all times with a gallon jug of water, which I can dump on the windshield at a moment's notice. it's better than stopping at the gas station every three days to use their squeegee.

1a.I secretly love driving a shitter, but this is taking it a little too far.

2. my family is en route to me at this very moment. as of this morning they were just outside albuquerque; by now they are likely on california soil. when I talk to my mom on the phone, my brother in the background is playing a harmonica he bought somewhere in tennessee. did you pick up a hobo? I jokingly ask. actually, we're in a boxcar right now, my mom wryly replies.

two days ago they stopped at the world's biggest rubik's cube. it looks like this:

3. I missed the beach this year. I took it much better than the only other time I've missed it in the last 15 years, back in 2008. that year, as this year, my family went for three weeks instead of their usual two, and I sat through all of those 21 days in a state of unbearable anguish, tortured by dreams of hot sand and cold air conditioning, the sound of the locusts, the sharp green smell of the vegetation in the dunes. this year I had a lot of other good things going on, and although once again I have awoken many days from beach-themed dreams, I have managed not to fall into a state of utter despair at the lack of it. it helps that I'll get to go for all three weeks next summer.

that said, although I took the loss gracefully, it is one of the most beloved things in my life. seeing this photo of 'the girls,' my beloved cousins, from this year's trip punches me directly in the heart.

and yes, they're touching each others' butts. it's old news:
alien beach trip 2006 034

4. I'm desperately in need of a vacation. what a strange summer it's been, overfull and late to arrive, and now over (opera-wise). I've considered a short jaunt to vegas to spend a long weekend sitting by a pool, drinking some ridiculous, overly sugary girly drink. but I don't have any available time. I'm going to have to settle for, perhaps, an afternoon at sellwood pool with my family, or a day at the adventure park on mt. hood, or a night eating cotton candy at the clark county fair.

4a. related: it is august. I don't understand this turn of events.

5. I haven't been around the blog much lately because my internet at home works for about four minutes a day. it's free wifi provided by my management company, and works just enough for me not to want to shell out any money for my own internet. I also don't get any channels on TV. I had to break this to my family gently, but they took it OK.

6. yesterday, Cookie was a total sweetheart. sometimes I get too tired of working at the barn to remember that I really, really love horses; that I adore that horse. she nickered when she realized I was standing in front of her stall, and stood with her head craned in the air so that I could scratch the underside of her neck, an itchy place on horses that they can't reach themselves. she wanted nothing more than to be loved on a little. it was a little heartbreaking to have to leave without doing anything more than a light groom, but I was dressed in office clothes and only came to the barn to drop a check for the farrier.

7. in case you haven't figured it out, the only thing this list can be called is "things I could tell you that don't go together, but that have happened since the last time I updated the blog."

8. it's not too late to redeem this summer.

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