August 23, 2010

gaga, part 2

I almost forgot the best part about the concert! When Lauren and I pulled in to the parking garage -- my mom had very sweetly bought me a parking pass along with the concert tickets -- we realized we were in the $20 garage line, despite having a $13 parking pass. Lauren yelled out the window to a guy working the line nearby, and asked where we should go; he directed us to the adjacent garage, which had a "FULL" sign in front of it but which, he assured us, would let us in with our pass. We happily left the long line of cars behind and cruised over to the other garage. As we approached, Lauren said, "Hey! I bet those are Gaga's tour buses!" I hadn't even noticed them, as I was too busy puzzling over why there was a guy standing idly in the middle of my lane, seemingly oblivious to the fact that I was trying to enter the garage. Then Lauren gripped my arm. "OH MY GOD," she said. "I THINK THAT'S HER!" To our immediate left, about 8 feet away, was a group of about 8 people -- and in the middle of that group was Gaga herself, pantsless, her hair still "normal," (no wig or extensions), posing for a photo. I had to slow the car down anyway, because the guy was still in the road, so we sat there in my car gaping at Gaga's butt, just feet from our window. "TAKE A PICTURE!" I said to Lauren, because I didn't have a camera. but my window was open and one of Gaga's handlers must have heard me, because he approached the car, stooped right down so his face was in my window, blocking the view, and said, "No pictures."

YOU GUYS. I got scolded by Lady Gaga's bodyguard! Best ever.

And because I've been referencing it lately, here's a video of Stefani Germanotta in her pre-Gaga days, performing in New York. I refer to this any time people say she's a talentless hack.

I promise this is the end of my weird fangirl fawning. But come on guys, Gaga's butt!! After the encounter Lauren and I were simultaneously giddy as all hell and sort of regretful that we didn't a) get a picture; b) jump out of the car and hug her; c) something else awesome that we couldn't even think of.

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