August 16, 2010

camera dump

alternate title: what I've been doing


I recently began harvesting things in the garden. I let the radishes go too long and they were a little woody, but the greens were nice (although a bit .. fuzzy) in salads and sauteed. plus the flowers were pretty in my salad.


I picked about ten pounds of yellow plums from the orchard behind the garden. I made two batches of cinnamon plum freezer jam because the first batch (pictured above) accidentally came out looking and smelling like puke. I'm actually afraid to eat the second batch, which is, thankfully, a more legitimate yellow-green.


my friend lauren got married. nub came along. scott and I danced. (no. 17)


my family visited from maryland, after driving across the country for the fifth time. on wednesday we went to the coast, which was, as usual, moodily overcast and cold. my sister and brother flew kites.


my sister's kite flying was, as usual, pretty successful.


my mother was the slave labor.


on thursday we headed to mt hood, where, from timberline lodge, mt jefferson could be seen smiling at us.


mt hood was in a pretty good mood too.


we tried to hit up keana's candyland on friday; we held off eating breakfast and strolled up there -- a nice sunny half mile walk from my apartment. when we arrived ("what does it look like?" my sister asked. "trust me," I answered, "you'll know") we found a sign on the door that said
"closed today
for family funeral"
which was a major bummer for everyone involved, especially the candyland family.

but we went again on saturday and had much better luck. people. oh my god. I had already heard about what the inside looked like but I still had no idea.

pretty prancy unicorn
signed jelly beans
beatrix potter?
ceiling pies
(those pies are on the ceiling)

every wall is covered in this kind of art work. it's unbelievable. we ate omelets and french toast, and pastries warm from the oven. it's totally a little kid's dream house. next week, the owner told us, the entire place will be reorganized, large chest freezers brought in, and completely new stock for sale; instead of commercially-produced candy, it'll all be handmade chocolates and candies, plus gluten free pastries and cake. OH BOY! five blocks from my house. I love you, candyland.

saturday afternoon, we rented bikes and biked around the esplanade.
travis: quad
(my first time biking in portland since my very first day here, five years ago. I fell in love with the blue rental cruiser. somebody buy me a cruiser? with ribbons in the handlebars? and a basket. it has to have a basket.)

then on sunday, we spent the whole glorious, sunny, hot wonderful day at sauvie island.

there was an ice cream boat. I thought it was a joke.

ice cream boat + spongebob = luv

it wasn't.

Nub eats a choco taco

so, in summary: bikes, beach, popsicles, heat, candy, gardens, kites, sand. success.

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