August 23, 2010

an abduction


recipe for a birthday kidnapping (in celebration of your boyfriend's birthday):

black ninja clothes
full tank of gas
secret plans known only to you
cooler full of picnic food (pasta salad, grape & feta salad, roast beef & blue cheese sandwiches, pickled jalapenos, chips and salsa, hostess cakes, cherry cokes)
tablecloth (to fancy up the picnic, of course)
kite, sand shovel, bucket (even if you might not get around to using them, it's good to have them just in case)
sunshine (unexpected)
short steep hike with gratifying views at the top
one delicious night in your own rented fancy cabin
late night walk on the beach
bottle of wine
a boyfriend sweet enough to carry the heavy cooler farther than you thought you were going to have to go to get to your picnic spot

we had a really good weekend. I had been planning it for about a month and I'm so glad it all worked the way I envisioned it would. although I didn't realize it, I think I have secretly always wanted to be kidnapped, so it was really fun and completely gratifying to plan scott's abduction. I am very fond of surprises and it was so great to surprise a (willing) victim. in other words, this might be the first of a series.

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