July 26, 2010


you guys! it's summer now! I decided. this weekend was my weekend to Finally Get My Shit Together, and boy did I rock it. I. Rocked. It. I freaking annihilated my to-do list. I unpacked the hell out of my apartment. I got home from my half-day on friday (the opera offices close early every friday in july, every year. awesome.), cranked up some 80s tunes, and started cleaning like my life depended on it. which it kind of did, because I was a serious lunatic this last week or two, complete with emotional meltdowns. unpretty. I had to leave briefly to go tend to the horses (and show off my bruise -- barnmates displayed appropriate sympathy/understanding), but when I got back I put on my fierce cleaning face and got cracking. I had made the executive decision to keep working so long as I didn't feel as though I'd drop over with exhaustion, so I ended up going at it until 3 AM.

3 AM, people. that is some hardcore unpacking right there.

the next morning I bounced awake at 7:30 and figured I might as well stay up, so I managed to get some laundry done and mostly finish the job by the time I had to leave for my noon riding lesson.

kitchen: after

living room:
living room: after

living room, vol. 2:
almost there


the cats are also pretty pleased, especially since I now have a little bit more time and can occasionally be nice to them, rather than yelling at them to GET OUT OF THERE or GET OFF OF THAT or STOP EATING THAT NEWSPAPER, LUNA. (seriously, that cat eats lint and newspaper and whatever else and then throws up all over the carpet. why did she never throw up when we lived in a place with hardwoods?).

cat model.
distinguished cat is distinguished

caught a certain someone conked out under the extra coffee table

oh! and my bruise even looks better.
bruise: day 10
still looks like I've been clubbed with a baseball bat, though. and it's still lumpy. and it still hurts when I walk. ah well.

ALSO, I won the war against my old landlords. after sending them my polite-but-clearly-refusing-to-pay-this-bill email, they didn't get back to me for nearly two weeks. then on friday I got an email with a statement attached. "here is your final accounting," it said, and the final total? $6.94. cue triumphant and mildly defiant happy dance.

other things I did this weekend: bought new bras (seriously, it's a party in my shirt today, I had no idea how badly I needed them), rode my horse TWICE, wore dresses, kissed a certain someone, drank margaritas, ate a gigantic bucket of tortillas, sported sunglasses, painted my toenails teal, made iced tea. I hereby announce: summer has arrived.


  1. your living room is beautiful, and i freaking love that rug!!

  2. thanks! it's such a relief. the rug is an inheritance from my former roommate :)