July 13, 2010


well, I'm in. I had one of the longer and more miserable saturdays I've had in my life, and there's way too much furniture for my new apartment, but with the help of seven of my dear friends, I got everything moved.

I have been delaying writing this blog post so that I could include a picture, but I still haven't found the camera. other things that remain AWOL: my most-used frying pan, q-tips, trash bags, all of my shoes. the cats enjoy springboarding from one piece of furniture to the other, and I'm a little nervous that the screens aren't enough to hold them when they sit in the window, a concern I never worried much about in my old place, which was on the first floor. the kitchen counter is covered in miscellaneous detritus. I have two kitchen tables.

last night I continued to feel that sense of vague despair that comes with standing in front of a herculean task you feel completely unfit to accomplish. all the furniture I own, with exception of bed and dresser, was in the living room; half of it was upended so that it would all fit. getting any of it even remotely into the right place was like playing a torturous, heavy, life-sized tile game. or a really crappy version of tetris. then, I discovered unsettling things, like how when I set up my 7 foot bookcase in the corner, it listed unnaturally forward. either the carpet is uneven or the floor is; either way, I daren't put any books on the thing until I can brace it to the wall in some way.

{when's the last time you read a blog that used the word "daren't?" YEAH.}

other stuff: the kitchen sink is really small; the hot water in the shower last night stayed on for -- no joke -- about four minutes (though it was fine this morning), the neighbors down the row from me have weirdly set up shop outside my door. seriously, weird. they set out two chairs and some plants, like they live there. I'm going to take it up with the landlord but I'm waiting to compile a bunch of things that need fixing.

as for my struggles with my former management company: well, they continue. I had to send them the following email on monday, in reply to the most recent bullying notice I'd received on my door, in the mail, and in an email:

I'm writing to let you know that I have received these notices and that I need someone to explain to me -- in writing, please -- why I owe rent for the entire month of July when my lease reverted to month-to-month on July 1 and I gave my 30-day notice on June 10. It sincerely does not make sense to me that I should owe 20 days of rent on an apartment I am not living in when I gave the legal amount of notice, as required by the state of Oregon and as stipulated in my lease. I'm not trying to swindle you, dodge a payment, or anything of the sort, but simply do not understand why I'm being charged $1100 for 10 days.

As far as the most recent 3-day notice is concerned -- the notice which states that my rental agreement will be terminated if payment is not received by 7/11 -- since I effectively terminated my rental agreement on June 10, as of July 10, I don't quite understand the purpose of said notice.

As far as pet rent for June is concerned: as I have repeatedly reminded your office, my 1-year lease waived pet rent. I factored July pet rent into the prorated amount ($358.06) I paid your office at the beginning of this month.

Please understand that I am trying to make a good faith effort to do what I believe is required of me as outlined in Oregon State Law and in my rental agreement dated June 2009.

I vacated the apartment as of 11 PM July 10, 2010, but did not leave the keys in your mailbox because I did not know what your move-out procedures were. If I should drop the keys to your office, please let me know.

what a headache. today I got an email in reply & braced myself, but it just said, "I'm out of town, I'll look into this at the end of the week." meanwhile, one of the other employees at the company called me looking for my keys, seemingly oblivious to any of this other nonsense going on. she was totally pleasant. someone's moving into my old place tomorrow. all I know is, I don't like being bullied. and by "don't like," I mean it makes me want to cut a bitch.

on the day after the move, scott & I -- blog! that's my boyfriend! I didn't tell you his name -- ran a half-marathon. isn't that what YOU want to do after hauling heavy shit in 90 degree weather for an entire day? me too. we'd generously been given free race entries to a new event on the condition that we blog about it for the blogger friend of ours who initially helped set up our first date. you can read our writeups here (mine) and here (his). I ran it in 2:18 -- a PR only by default, since it was my first half. I was very truly just happy to finish.

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  1. Wow, your boyfriend has been named ... big moment!