June 29, 2010

late june

it's nearly july. I reach this moment every year with a sense of surprise and slight sorrow. how did it already get to be july? wasn't it just may?

the sun has finally come out in portland. boy, we needed it. we were calling this month junuary. I'm a little too gun shy to call it for sure, but it's quite possible that we might really have launched into summer this time, no fooling. it's good. I was ready for popsicles and sunburn, dusty bare feet, the sweaty backs of necks. I want margaritas and sunglasses, ice cream cones oozing drippy stickiness, the sounds of the locusts in the trees. cold long-necked beers, early sunrises, warm dry heat radiating off the asphalt.

I think I am finally ready to grow my hair out.

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