May 23, 2010


Cristina left town yesterday morning at 6 AM. It was raining and cold; I got up to help her load the rest of her stuff into the car and, of course, to wave goodbye. Although I spent a good portion of Friday -- the morning especially -- spontaneously bursting into tears in the solitude of my office, we actually managed to keep it together when we parted. In fact, I had imagined more of a send-off; in the end, we hugged and laughed and said, "talk to you soon," and she drove away.

Of course, she called me an hour later to gloat about eating ice cream for breakfast, and we talked four times during the course of the day, including once after midnight. So things don't really change that much, in the end.

This is the end of "sad week" around here (as I've been calling it). I imagined I had a million cornball, heartfelt things I would say, but I only need to say this: My PDX BFF is on her next great adventure now, an adventure I wholeheartedly support and admire. I am really, really going to miss her. We have had so much fun. And I can't wait to visit Australia...!


That cat, by the way, just sat on my lap and promptly drooled on my computer keyboard. Happy Sunday, everyone.

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