May 10, 2010


it's one week before the opera season ends. every year I reach this point feeling a little crazed. our last opera, barber of seville, is easy as far as shows go (especially in comparison to some of the others we've done this season) but by this point we're all pretty much just done. I look forward to next sunday, the first day of 'opera summer,' with intense relish. the weeks that follow will be 9-5, monday to friday deals where I can hang back at a more leisurely pace. it can't be overstated how nice it is to go back to a regular, ordinary-person schedule where each day is the same and you don't have to work evenings or weekends. I'll be happy just knowing what day of the week it is.

once the season is over I'll go back to riding my horse more regularly, something I have mostly given up over the past couple of weeks. I could squeeze it into my schedule, but it takes a great deal of physical and mental energy to deal with princess spooks-a-lot, especially when she's coming off of a hiatus and it's spring.

her royal space case, it should be noted, turns 8 today. a fine age to stop running off in a panic at flies, rogue blades of grass, and gates she has seen one hundred times. our first lesson upon my return, evidently, will be learning to wear our grown-up horse pants.

other things I've been doing:
  • blog avoidance
  • studiously pretending that cristina's not leaving town, and then country, in eleven days
  • stuffing as many drinks and fried pies into my face as I can in that time
  • definitely not falling asleep at 8:30 on a sunday night while watching streaming movies on netflix from the comfort of my bed
  • getting my dresser to tie my corset as tight as humanly possible for my role as a floozy in the opera
  • running: either a 6:40 mile or a 12:40 mile, depending on which garmin reading you believe
  • growing my hair out, which is happening a thousand times faster than you'd ever believe. last week: bald; this week: buzz cut.
  • letting everyone feel my no-longer-quite-bald head
  • hoping for sunshine
it's mid-may, and just over two weeks until it's time for a new list. how much of the current one can I conquer?


  1. jess just saw on twitter that you were asked out!! This is exciting news, is he or she cute/ a hottie??? x x x call me sometime on your way to Trader's again. xx

  2. Tam, I love that you just wrote "he or she." I'll give you the scoop sometime soon :)