April 10, 2010

MOLA: Saturday (in brief)

(ConAgra, which is next door)

(the neighborhood I ran through that reminded me of being a young child: chainlink fences, houses all in a row; cracked sidewalks, brick road, children riding bikes in circles in the street)

hands-on repair and binding
(the incredible -- and incredibly kind -- Bob Sutherland teaching us, in short, how awesome his library is. [his library is the Met])

I fixed a corner!
what I learned in Bob's class (part one)



  1. Hey Jessica - if you get a chance, check out the Orpheum theater where Opera Omaha performs. It's one of the loveliest opera houses in the country. Truly. I directed a few operas for Opera Omaha early in my career, and have great affection for Omaha and that theater.

    Chris M.

  2. Hi Chris! I passed the Orpheum yesterday during my afternoon run, but of course I only saw it from the outside. I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to eke it in (we're incredibly busy!) but if it's anything like the Holland Performing Arts Center, I can imagine it's a beautiful building. The symphony hall was really wonderful. Clearly Omaha takes a great deal of pride in their arts organizations.