April 4, 2010


hi blog, remember me? that person who used to occasionally do things and then tell you about them? yeah, sorry about that.

look, I could write you a book and catch you up, but how about a highlights reel instead? since last we spoke:
  • we opened a show
  • we closed a show
  • I ate a lot of candy at the theater
  • I spent two weeks doing nothing but marking parts for Barber of Seville
  • I'm still not totally done with those parts
  • I've been having recurring, upsetting dreams about not feeding or caring for various pets
  • I got my official 15K race results: 1:22:51 -- an 8:54 average mile pace
  • I developed a tremendous & totally hopeless crush on one of our musicians SIGH
  • I bought ridiculous little shorty shorts to run in, which is the next step towards my ultimate goal of wearing spankies
  • Cristina made the decision to move to Australia, which I am pretending is in a far, far make-believe future rather than in 6 weeks
  • I've been feeling lately like I would like to temporarily turn in my adulthood card and go back to bike rides, popsicles, and playing cards with my mom. but I think I'm pushing through it.
things that are the same as always:
  • my car is totally full of barn clothes and perpetually smells like horse
  • said horse still lacks reliable steering mechanism
  • I'm running ... sometimes
  • the end portion of the opera season is exhausting
  • drunken headstands in the living room

so, it's easter. we had a very late night last night involving booze and I woke up thankfully less hungover than I expected to be, but still spent the morning wrapped in a snuggie, eating a giant recovery fruit smoothie and watching it be rainy & cold outside. I'm moony but not grumpy. I haven't done much today, which I'm telling myself is OK but actually I'm unconvinced. we have an egg dyeing kit but no eggs, and I'm caught between the conflicting urges to 1) eat every cadbury creme egg in sight and 2) hoard them for as long as possible now that I can't get them until next easter.

now you're caught up.

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  1. OMG Eat up those cadbury eggs. I'm annoyed that they stop selling them after easter. LE SIGH.