March 5, 2010

big fish, small pond

Places you can spot me lately:

-- On OregonLive's running blog back in February, where I was featured in a series they did on single runners for Valentine's Day. I run with Kelly, the girl who runs the blog, which is how I ended up there. (No dates have emerged from it -- yet).

-- On a local talk-news show called Keep It Local, where Cristina and I, along with two friends from work, learned the bend & snap from Legally Blonde. C & I did this in exchange for tickets to opening night. It's probably for the best that the video for that day is no longer on their site ;).

-- On Social Workout's front page today, where I'm the featured community member of the day. One of their founders contacted me about doing it a few days ago.

In other news, today I was going to bail on my group run with my lady friends, but about 4 seconds after I sent the email saying I wasn't coming, fellow runner Kelly (the blogger, above, from OregonLive) wrote to me and said, "Jessica, you can't be out. A friend is coming (a boy friend) specifically to hang out with you. I wasn't going to tell you because I didn't want to put you on the spot, but Scott that ran with us last night thinks you're super cute. I mentioned we were running today and he asked if he could join. :)"

So, of course I did what any sane single runner would do: put on my running shoes and hit the trail. But he didn't make it! Kelly was more bummed than I was (I was very tired from last night and felt, quite frankly, like a sack of cold potatoes) so we're going to try and reschedule for next week. Cute! And I got my run in today in spite of myself.

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  1. love it! Missy you. when can i call you? what free moment do you have on the wknds?
    x x x x