January 18, 2010

not much

I'm boring lately, guys. BO-RING. I don't have much to tell you. The laundry's done? (Mostly.) I make my bed in the mornings? (It's heavenly.) Seriously, nothing.

OK, OK. Maybe a little something. Cookie reared the other day, in our first ride since early December. How's that? Rearing is considered one of the more dangerous and disrespectful behaviors a horse can display. It was one of the few things I'd never experienced. It turned out to be way easier to ride than bucking, although to be fair she wasn't exactly pulling a black stallion*. Her front hooves only got 2-3 feet off the ground, which was enough to get the message (eff you, lady) across. I didn't get unseated and we rode for another 20-30 minutes -- long enough to get MY message across (you might be 1000 pounds but I'm still in charge).

On Saturday she bucked halfway down the rail but it was a spook, not an attitude problem, and once again I managed to keep her between me and the ground.

* I think The Black Stallion is one of the worst books in the classic horse canon ever. EVER.

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