January 19, 2010

geeking out

I got my quarterly newsletter from MOLA today. MOLA stands for Major Orchestra Librarians' Association. I know -- awesome, right? I was so pleased when our membership application was accepted two yeras ago. Today's packet included a schedule for the 2010 conference. OH BOY OH BOY! Some highlights:
  • Hands-on music repair and binding
  • RICOH Users Group (yes, that's right -- a special session for people who use a specific kind of copier)
  • Rental agencies behind the scenes
  • Advanced Proofing and Editing: A hands-on, in-depth session with an editor for a major publisher
  • Large Format Photocopiers
  • Correcting parts and creating errata lists
  • Opera Roundtable (YAY!)

    and of course my favorite:
  • Scotch Tasting
I wanted to go last year, especially because it was being held not far from my home in Maryland, but it crept up on me and I didn't have an opportunity to find funds (either through the opera, through MOLA itself, or in my own wallet) nor, really, the time to spend away from work. But this year I'm really hoping to go. Attending it, in fact, is on the yearly list of goals I turned in during my performance review last fall. I don't get to interface with many other librarians and I love when I have the chance, because I'm mostly operating in a bubble -- I started this job with little notion of how it worked, and I've made up solutions to my problems for the past 4 1/2 years. I've become pretty adept at faking it till I make it, but it's so nice to speak to other people in the field and find ways to do things better (or ways I'm doing things right).

Cosi is in the full swing of rehearsals downstairs right now. On Saturday we'll have the orchestra start, and then it's off to the races. I'm a little ashamed to report that I haven't nearly the drive to immerse myself in Mozart the way I did with Philip Glass. I'm sure it will creep up on me, the way these shows often do, and by the end of the run I'll be engulfed despite myself. I suppose there are so many people who already admire Cosi that I don't feel responsible for making sure it's sufficiently loved.


  1. If they changed their name to the Association of Major Orchestra Librarians, I could be their mascot!

  2. and then you could come to the scotch tasting! I wonder what a music librarians' mascot would look like? I think probably a giant eraser.