October 5, 2009

grievances against today

  • ran entirely out of checks and only noticed it in time for my rent to be late
  • on my way to walgreen's at 7:30 this morning (to get TP and a money order for the rent) I banked a curve on the road too sharply and hit the curb going 30
  • walgreens doesn't sell money orders
  • I ate my weight in fried food last night and this morning everything in my closet was horrible to wear
  • at lunch I wildly overate and felt mildly sick for the rest of the day
  • realized I forgot to drop the check off for the farrier, who comes to the barn tomorrow to do Cookie's feet, so I had to make a special trip to the barn to drop it off
  • when I got to the barn -- a 40 minute drive from the office -- I discovered I'd left my wallet on my desk at work
  • I barely made it home with the gas I had left in my car

couple this all with a general feeling of wreckitude, of complete disaster and chaos. also grouchiness. a fun person to be around. a day best left forgotten.

but hey, now instead of wallowing in the grumps, I have a roommate to go with me to the grocery store and to load up a cart full of fruits and veggies and to come home with and stand in the warm kitchen and chop things to put into the juicer. beet + carrot + celery + spinach + serrano pepper juice; apple + carrot + basil juice; papaya + strawberry + banana + starfruit + coconut juice; a shot of wheatgrass. and now I feel at least a little better.

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