September 2, 2009


this week rehearsals have begun for our first show of the season. I met our dreamy Italian maestro yesterday morning in a production meeting, nervously, despite all accounts indicating he is very nice. we begin orchestra readings next saturday, so I am enjoying my free evenings while they last.

over the weekend I flew home to maryland to attend my cousin stephanie's wedding. it's been a long time coming: she and evan had been dating for eleven years, since the tenth grade. he's been part of the family for ages; the wedding was in most ways just a formality. it was a stressful wedding for the bride, her sisters, and my aunt and uncle, and so it was even more gratifying than usual when it went off without a hitch.

of course the bride looked beautiful, and I'll admit to tearing up a couple of times. we grew up together and are still close.
the bride & groom

beauty and the bride

meta photo

the old folks' table
that is my family. despite what the photo suggests, they're really not a bunch of dour puritans. but they were the only full table of people sitting down -- everyone else was dancing.

meanwhile, ashley and I were being ridiculous. yes, that's a glowstick around my neck. it was that kind of wedding.
much better

obligatory chickens:
ella & genevieve

it was good to be home again, albeit briefly. I ate my last snowball of the season (two, in fact, because I couldn't decide between egg custard and chocolate) and played phase 10 with my family. my first night there, I slept at my cousins' house, and it was crazy to be back in the back bedroom, my cousin amy's old room, where as a child and a teen I spent so many countless hours. they were sisters to me when I had none, and I wanted more than anything else to be just like them. it still amazes me sometimes that we're all grown up, and also, somehow, that we all still have each other.

and now I'm working on number four. the other day I strolled out into the living room in a wetsuit. "you look like you stepped straight out of the incredibles," cristina said. never mind that I haven't been running much; never mind that I literally never swim. monday morning I'll be paddling my way through 1.1 miles. eek.

mt hood, plane wing

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