August 16, 2009


yesterday, walking back from the farmer's market, I encountered a small older lady walking her fluffy white dog. as I passed, she commented on the pint of tiny orange cherry tomatoes I was carrying.
"nice tomatoes!" she said. she was asian, with a pronounced accent.
"thank you!" I replied, and offered her one.
she politely refused. "you get them at the market?" she asked, pointing south. I nodded. "I go every week," she continued. "a little expensive. but good quality!"
I agreed. we chatted a little about keeping our money local, and about where I lived -- you walk? she wanted to know, and I shook my head. I reached down and pet the dog, who was sniffing my boots (I was dressed for riding).
"ah, ok!" she said. "well, it was nice talking to you!" and she smiled and waved, and continued on her way.

I walked about ten feet -- just as far as the next intersection -- and all of a sudden I realized: it was the lady who asked me to help her cross the street during the snowstorm last december. the universe is such a wonderful place. I thought about running back to confirm with her, but in the end I continued on my way. what would we have said, anyway?

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