August 2, 2009

life in list form

nearly one month after first opening the door to our new apartment, I've finally unpacked my bedroom. mostly.
it took all weekend
my back and feet are killing me
and I'm still not sure I like it.
money is very tight, and very, very irksome
it reached 108 degrees in Portland this week, and continues to be warmer than most peoples' comfort level
I usually love the heat but given all other circumstances I find myself as irritated as everyone else by it
because all week I wanted to be running, riding my horse, and unpacking boxes in our un-air conditioned space
I have a writing desk for the first time in one million years
and no desire to write

I did take a video of the kittens which I will leave you with since this list is unsatisfying to everyone, including the author. it's cockeyed -- you'll have to rotate your skull 90 degrees to the left. my apologies.

kittens, inspired by kittens:

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