August 9, 2009

lately I find myself uncharacteristically wearing red nail polish. the weather's turned from roasting to chilly -- july to october -- but the nights are refreshingly cool and I won't mind so much if the sun comes out soon. it is nearly mid-august, which means the summer is nearly officially over, a fact that I never can grasp or accept. it was just memorial day; the pools were just opening, we were just pulling out flip flops. the season is never long enough for my taste and I never feel as though I've adequately reveled in it, even if I've flown to hawaii and lain on the beach in north carolina, even if I've had beers outside, and milkshakes, and burgers; even if I've sweated through my running clothes and worn sunglasses and dark nail polish. still, I haven't sung out the car window enough; I haven't been to the market at all for fresh peaches or chocolate milk; I haven't eaten a cucumber lime jalapeno popsicle, made by the local solpops folks. I haven't hiked in the gorge; I haven't tried pathetically to swim briefly in the frigid waters of the north pacific. there are a lot of things on that list. time is almost up.

also, Nub is missing.

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