August 4, 2009


my life recently, in pictures.

still life: stranger with dinosaur

this woman was waiting at my gate for our plane from BWI to St. Louis. Beneath her lay a discarded plastic dinosaur. I wondered if she knew about the dinosaur. I felt a little badly for the dinosaur. Maybe it was hers? I didn't stop to check if it was still there as we boarded the plane.

close up of the dinosaur in question:
close up of the dinosaur friend

the girls
I finally got to meet "the girls," which is my mother's fond nickname for her new chickens. Of the four she originally brought home from my sister's middle school poultry club at the end of the school year, only two remain: Ella and Genevieve. Rita and Sue are now in the great chicken coop in the sky, Rita having succumbed to a nameless chicken disease, and Sue having been swept off by an unknown predator as she was free-ranging in the backyard. My mother loves having the chickens there. "Doesn't it just seem natural to have them?" she asks, and it does. We moved to the house 15 years ago and nothing has ever lived on the 10 acres of land except us and a lot of bugs.

gleeful reunion gang

my 10-year high school reunion was at the end of July, and I scheduled my trip home so that I would still be in town to attend. I'm not sure how much I enjoyed the reunion itself -- no nametags, for pete's sake! -- but it was good to catch up with the handful of old friends I don't see very often.

Nub and the Kettleman's dude

the guy working at Kettleman's (a bagel shop nearby) met Nub the other day when Cristina and I stopped for lunch. I had forgotten my wallet.
"All I have is Nub!" I wailed to C.
"Do you take pictures of him around town?" this fellow inquired.
We affirmed. "Do you want me to take your picture with him?" I asked. He did.

More pictures of Nub's adventures, including sightings around PDX, and his trip back east, can be found on Nub's flickr page.

My travel is mostly over for the year. I have a quick jaunt back east for my cousin's wedding at the end of this month -- a trip so quick I'll spend more time on the plane and in the airport than I will in Maryland -- and then I'll certainly go home for the holidays in December. But for now it's back to the slow opera grind. The season's officially begun, albeit gradually: the children's chorus for Boheme begins rehearsal tomorrow. I'm in the throes of marking orchestra parts, and soon we'll be up and running again. Summer is so sweet, and so short. But there's something magical in the back-to-school feeling, too.

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