August 18, 2009

6. Hike Beacon Rock

seriously, don't forget the caution

Cristina and I went for a drive through the gorge on Sunday, and hiked up to the top of Beacon Rock. It was a long drive for a short hike, but what can I say? It was a beautiful afternoon.

the rock.

The rock is supposedly the second biggest free-standing monolithic rock in the world -- second only to the Rock of Gibraltar. A man named Henry Biddle bought the rock for $1 in 1915, and single-handedly went about crafting the heavily switchbacked trail, along with its handrails and bridges. Cristina and I agreed that we felt like characters in Donkey Kong.

chutes and ladders

the view, like most views from trails in the gorge, is lovely.

reaching the top was a little unsatisfying, but only because the trail is short and it felt as though we hadn't earned the summit.
unsatisfying summit

From Beacon Rock I spotted the tiny peak I climbed in the fall, when I had hoped to climb Table Mountain but had miscalculated my route. Next time?

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