August 19, 2009


my youngest brother and sister turned 12 today.

album cover, volume 1

as you might have guessed, they're twins. my brother turned first, at 8:58 this morning. my sister had 21 extra minutes to keep on being 11 before her time came.


have I mentioned that they're awesome? then again, I'm biased. my sister is just like me. in fact, she's more like me than I am. she's even more athletic, even more of a tiny feminist. she called me proudly in the middle of the last school year to boast that she'd done more push-ups than anybody else in her gym class, boys or girls. she didn't know I had accomplished the same feat in the seventh grade. a year later than she did! the student surpasses the master.

how many? I asked her.
I don't remember the exact number but it was staggering; it was well over the 35 or so I had done. it was so many the gym teacher had to tell her to stop, because she was holding the class up.


my brother is a wild story-teller. he'll tell you anything; he busts at the seams with things he's heard, read, seen, thought about. he couldn't wait to tell me the bouncing Tosca joke he had heard from a teacher at camp this summer. he has a great sense of humor and is already a great master at the art of the pun (his stuffed porcupine, for example, is named Quilliam).

happy birthday, peanuts. I can't believe you're just a year away from 13. god help us!

what a pair.

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