July 7, 2009

a recap.

life lately:

1. moving.


cristina will be here by the weekend, and we'll spend the time lugging our heavy furniture from place to place. my things -- or those that can fit in the car, at least -- have been trickling over day by day since the weekend. so far I've avoided the soul-crushing feeling that ordinarily accompanies moving, though I'm not exactly sure how. you know the feeling? when you know you can't stay but boy, you don't feel like moving one more damn thing. I guess it helps that I have a two-week overlap between getting the new place and leaving the old one.

the new place is two miles from work, rather than my current ten; it's down the street from a couple neighborhood bars and a japanese restaurant. we're eleven blocks from trader joe's, and not far from acme donuts. I'm looking forward to living in a neighborhood that's good for walking, rather than next to the mall and on a very busy commercial street.

Nub likes it too.

Nub surveys the new living room

it's a little bittersweet, leaving my current place. I've lived there for 2 1/2 years, which is as long as I've lived anywhere since leaving for college. I've always liked the apartment -- just not the location -- and I'll miss having my sweet little space. it's been over five years since I last lived with anyone else, so although I know we'll be fine together, cristina and I, I'm a little anxious about that, too. this weekend was my college roommate's birthday; I called her to say hi, and I mentioned it.
you'll be fine," she said, and then stopped to think. "you know, I don't think we ever had one fight in two years."
we used to sit on my bedroom balcony and smoke cigarettes; we used to walk up the street to dunkin' donuts every weekend and eat breakfast sandwiches and drink iced coffee. we never fought; we never disagreed; we never had to have any ridiculous house meeting. we split groceries and never put our names on anything. I had forgotten how much fun we had, walking down to the bar, commiserating about guys, decorating the apartment.

cristina has acquired some other new roommates, too. I hope she likes presidents.
windowsill guardians


2. cuteness. there's a new puppy at the barn. her name, after much deliberation, is mylie. she actually belongs to my instructor's fiance, but she pokes around with us from time to time. I'd forgotten the sheer heart-rending cuteness factor of a 9-week-old puppy.


3. more julie goodnight.

Julie Goodnight commercial shot

after the shoot I emailed with a couple of questions about the bridle and bit used for my episode; julie emailed me back today. I definitely made the cut; my episode will air in mid-october.

4. hawaii


blog, I know that I still haven't told you about hawaii -- about the hiking, and the beaching, and the drinking, and the wii bowling, and the delicious (often raw) fish, and the day I spent stuck in honolulu when I was supposed to be back in portland. here's the gist: it was great to see my friend, whom I hadn't seen in four years. I got along famously with his wife. they have a beautiful house in a beautiful place. they have crazy, hilarious, wickedly mischievous cats. every day we hiked, beached, and ate local food. I saw a huge amount of the island. I did not learn to surf, but that's OK. I did go on a couple of epic swims -- half a mile at one point -- and I had forgotten how satisfying it is to do that kind of swimming. I got tan. I drank mai tais. I ate raw ahi, and raw baby octopus, and pineapple and some weird breakfast food that involved a hamburger patty and gravy.

my flight home was delayed by an entire day and I slept in a hotel one night, and then awoke to eat a nice quiet breakfast, watch the news, and then go to the pool and read the newspaper. at the airport I bought the lei that's now quietly singing a swan song on my desk. it's mostly brown by now -- it's only lasted this long because I've kept it in the refrigerator -- but it still smells like heaven. I am 100% glad I decided to go. this summer is turning out to be as incredible as I had hoped.


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