June 17, 2009

mia familia

1. a text from my sister: we're pulling into disneyland and gavin says 'I want my lei, mommy! I no go to meemow's house, I want my lei!' I'm feeling a little FML right now as a result, especially bc I have a lei but it's not HIS lei. HIS lei is the one I gave him (and everybody else who accompanied me to disneyland) as a party favor a few weeks ago. he was reluctant to put it on at first, so I wore it instead, but when he saw everybody else was wearing theirs, he decided to wear one too. he called it his 'party.' dayna texted me about a week ago to tell me she had taken him to a birthday party and he didn't want to go without his 'party.' I told her I couldn't decide if I felt very sorry to have accidentally put her in that position, or secretly flattered. (it's both).

Gavin on the rocketship swing

2. my other sister sent me this hilarious camera phone photo the other day. "mom and chippy rocken out" was the caption. (she's 11).

mom and chippy rocken out

3. I unearthed this hilarious birthday e-card from old files on my work computer a couple of weeks ago.

balloon card

4. I finally managed to find an apartment for Cristina & I. we'll be moving in a couple of weeks. she's bringing home one of the kittens from her brother's cat's recent litter to be part of our little surrogate family:

c & b

5. the photographer from the horse show finished uploading all of his photos and finally made them available for sale. there are a bunch of good ones of the two of us in halter class, including two priceless ones of the class we gave up on, when Cookie wouldn't stand still. but this one is my favorite.

halter class 1

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