June 24, 2009

hawaii 5-0

I remember once throwing my car into park in the middle of a suburban street in early summer; I didn't even let it come to a complete stop before wrenching the gearshift, and there was a momentary grinding noise as the transmission lurched between gears. I barely noticed; I was too busy being lifted off my feet in a bear hug, in the road, by a friend. it was the summer after our first year at college and we were happy to be home.

Nub sets the mood

Nub and I are flying to Hawaii tomorrow to visit that friend, and to meet his beautiful wife. Nub's ready to go; he's been wearing that lei for days. Lately, we're professional jet-setters. The plans on Oahu include going for a run, going hiking, drinking mai tais, and learning to surf. "I'm going to take you surfing," Chris says, "and then I'm going to laugh at you." I'm sure sunburn will also be involved. Aloha, dudes. See you in four days.

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