June 22, 2009

dynamite with a laser beam

it's a green light kind of day. do you know what I mean? it's the kind of day when every traffic light you encounter turns green before you get there, so you just breeze through. the guy who runs the hot dog/bento food cart outside the opera's front doors told me I have "some legs." a coworker likened me to a 'sexy jamie lee curtis.' (not sure how I feel about that one). I took my car to jiffy lube to see if they'd replace my dead turn signal, but told them I wanted them to show me how to pop off the light casing so I could do it myself in the future. I had already purchased the bulbs and tried to do it myself with no luck. they struggled for a few minutes -- it made me feel better for struggling -- and then fixed it. 'we won't charge you,' the guy said. 'I'm happy to show you how.' earlier he'd asked me what kind of horse I ride, since I showed up post-barn still dressed in breeches and tall boots.

that horse has been like a different creature these past two days, so much so that I'm nervous we will not have an issue to work on when I get to the julie goodnight shoot next wednesday. yesterday we were alone at the barn, and despite initial high spirits she settled very nicely to work, and steered like a dream. today lynne had set up a trail course in half of the arena, leaving only half of it for flatwork, which turned out to be perfect, because it left us in the far end of the arena, away from the tricky places my mare so loves to slow down/act up in (the gate, the viewing room, anywhere there are people). when we first started in our lesson I said to lynne, 'she was so good yesterday, I'm sure today will be a disaster,' but in fact it was even better. she didn't have any frustrating steering issues; she was willing and compliant; she even completed most of the trail course cleanly, despite never having done any of it with me before.
'she looks amazing today! look at her move off your leg!' lynne said, mid-lesson.
'who replaced my horse with this well-trained replica??' I joked.

after all of this I got home to a note on my apartment door from today's "preventative maintenance" inspection. only one line written on the door tag. "very nice apartment!!" inside, the entire place smelled like strawberries, from yesterday's foray to sauvie island for an hour of picking. I ended up with twelve pints and a backache. I came home and made five jars of freezer jam. I might or might not have eaten jam straight from the jar tonight.

strawberry picking

in three nights, I'll be in hawaii. life is good.

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