May 11, 2009

worn out

well, it's happened. I thought I would escape it this season, but exhaustion has taken a big bite out of me. over the past few days I've woken up feeling like roadkill, nauseous and sore all over. I spent most of yesterday and today feeling alternately hungry and queasy -- probably a combination of fatigue, dehydration, and a diet composed entirely of coffee and pastries. after two weeks off I finally went on a run on saturday; I felt like a 400 pound man with emphysema. I'm not even the worst off among us -- the production department has worked far more -- but I'm toast. thankfully we only have two shows and five days until the season closes. I agree wholeheartedly with what a friend said yesterday: I can't wait to be bored. we all love what we do but we'll enjoy the break that's coming.

what do I plan to do? when the season ends I'll go back to 9-5 in the office, and I'll be able to ride my horse again -- which is good, because we have a horse show to ride in the first week of june. I'll read all the books stacked up around my apartment. I'll wait until the weather breaks and then lounge by the pool in giant, ridiculous sunglasses. I'll go hiking in the gorge. I'll plant the four o'clocks, and paint my toenails, and get my xbox repaired. I'll write letters, and walk with my shoes off, and train for a half-marathon. I'll plan my trip home in july, and my trip to hang with my cousins at the beach in north carolina, where we'll sit in white rocking chairs on the porch and watch the people go by; we'll ride bikes across the pontoon bridge in the middle of the mild night. I'll go to california, and hawaii. oh, summer! what I crave is sweet tea and grits, my mother's breakfast cooking, the wet hot afternoons of the southern east coast. sea oats, sand castles, sun.

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