May 21, 2009

what can I tell you?

maybe about how I've been out at the barn the last two nights, doing some groundwork with Cookie, trying to get her used to listening and working again before I actually go for a dedicated ride. last night she was already better than the night before -- less explosive, less spooky -- and I decided just to tie her lead rope to her halter and ride her around bareback a little. when I do this she seems to realize she has to be careful; she listens better, in a way, than when she's fully saddled and bridled. I like to think she's watching after me. she has a funny & endearing habit of nickering at me when I'm mounting and dismounting, or when I'm standing close to her side, as if I were her foal.

maybe I'll tell you about how I've been amusing myself with photos of her ancestors.

or how I've had a headache every day since Sunday. it's very discouraging and borders on alarming. today I headed to the pharmacy to pick up some nasal Imitrex, hoping that maybe it's a rebound headache gone wrong and can be fixed with real, dedicated migraine medicine. I can't leave my head to fend for itself or it will turn from a headache to a full body problem, including nausea. I'm hydrated and well-rested. give it up, skull.

or how for the second time since softball season started, a relative stranger has commented on my speed. twice in tonight's game I got safely to first when by all rights the ball should have beaten me there. as I ran back from the field to the bench to grab my glove, a girl on the opposite team beckoned to me. "hey!" she called. when I got closer she said, "you're amazing! you run like a gazelle!"

I came back to the bench. "they keep calling me four-legged animals," I said to my team. "but I wish somebody would say, 'you run like a freight train." like, unstoppable.

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