May 13, 2009

Nub does Rigoletto.

I've spent the majority of today feeling queasy, from what I believe to be simple fatigue. This morning I was about 4 seconds from throwing up at work, but I made my way through it to a more manageable level of misery. Every time I eat, I get nauseous. My diet has been so poor over the last several weeks that I can't help but assume part of it is also dehydration and diet induced. I'm limiting what I eat until tomorrow afternoon in hopes of letting it clear itself up. Have I mentioned I'm tired? We're all tired.

Of course, none of this ill-feeling prevented me from eating marinated beef heart last night. Beef heart! Have I ever mentioned that I love adventurous eating? As long as it's not still wriggling, I'm pretty game. In fact, this week there are plans on the table to go and eat fried grasshoppers at a local sushi place. Nausea? What nausea?

In Portland we're experiencing a long bout of rain. Obviously the area is known for this rain, but we had a fairly mild winter, so we're a little out of practice. This is also unusual rain in that it's what we like to refer to as "wet rain," i.e. rain that actually gets you wet when you walk through it, rather than "dry rain," which is PDX standard: rain you can walk through without an umbrella. In fact, most Portlanders seem to eschew umbrellas (myself included). Anyway, the rain has got nearly everybody down. I have to say, though, that I'm kind of grateful for it today. If it were sunny and 70 degrees I'd just feel guilty. This weather is commensurate with my mood and overall physical well-being. Is it Sunday yet?

In other news, Nub's been hanging out at the opera:

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