May 16, 2009

let me tell you

in the kitchen:
sweet tea
strawberry freezer jam:
strawberry freezer jam

in the garden:
four o'clock seeds nestled in soil
new morning glory sprouts:
morning glory seedlets
temporarily adopted plants from Cristina's apartment:

things I've eaten recently:
sushi with POP ROCKS on top:
(it was amazing)

A Real Grasshopper:
edible grasshopper
(actually, that's TWO real grasshoppers -- Cristina ate the other one)

today is the last day of the season
tonight is a big party involving JELLO SHOTS
because we are still 17 at heart
(isn't everybody?)
this weekend is sleeping-with-the-windows-open weather
tomorrow it's supposed to be in the mid-eighties! <3
but everyone is leaving in the next few days
so it's a mixed bag
still, the sun shines
the tiny plants grow
the friends all come together for one final weekend of loving each other a lot
and there are worse things in the world
than temporary goodbyes

those grasshoppers
were delicious

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