April 5, 2009


today I did a headstand on the top of a tiny, dormant volcano.


(jonathan, hiding behind his 'camouflage')

Cristina and I were supposed to go skiing today, but late this week the weather turned, and today was supposed to be the culmination of that, a day of warm and abundant sunshine -- something Portland hasn't seen in weeks. instead of skiing, we got together with the brunch club and had a BYOB(runch) on the top of Mt. Tabor. A picnic! Three blankets and loads -- LOADS -- of food.



and of course, bloody mary components. we all stuffed our faces satisfyingly: bagels with cream cheese, smoked salmon, onions, tomatoes, and avocado; donuts; confetti rice salad; bacon (I cooked a pound of it this morning and brought it along); fruit; rice krispie treats. (chex treats, actually). then we played frisbee and did handstands. what a day!

in other news, my letter-writing project is going as planned -- five letters are written, stamped, and in some cases mailed -- but I am finding that it's more challenging than I expected to keep producing letters, especially when they're each to someone else. it's tempting to fall into the pattern of writing a similar letter every day, but I am hoping to resist the urge. I regret that I did not ask those people who requested letters (at my prompting) to also suggest subject matter for their letter. I envisioned these letters to be primarily writing exercises that just happen to be mailed. they're turning into run-of-the-mill letters. then again, I still have 25 days to get it right.

the letters have also made me less inclined to blog, as I don't want to ruin the content of the letters for their recipients. not that any of them are reading this thing, for the most part. but still. I also hate to write the same thing twice in a row. I'll try to be better about that.

p.s. I want this for my birthday

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