April 16, 2009

self-congratulatory potpourri

1. As I passed a coworker in the hallway she stopped and remarked, "you have such great style!" I was wearing clothes everybody has seen before in no particularly enlightened combination, with the unlikely addition of a scarf, which I keep around the office because they insist on turning the air conditioner on the minute the outside temperature hits 65 degrees. Of course I appreciated the compliment, but it reminded me of the time I came to opening night of Fidelio having gotten dressed literally in the dark (in a rush, in my closet) only to have every member of the orchestra coo over me. I was wearing a strapless black dress covered in lint -- a dress only 3/4 the way zipped up when I arrived, because I couldn't do the rest myself -- a scarf/wrap that I had thought matched my shoes but in fact was a totally different color, and TWO DIFFERENT EARRINGS. (by accident). My horn crush caught me at halftime and told me he had stopped dead in his tracks when I walked into the pit earlier that evening. "You look stunning," he said. I give up.

2. I accidentally ran 7.2 miles tonight, instead of my intended 5.5-6. Oops? I decided to see where a trail fork ended up and the answer was, way farther than I intended to run. I'm glad to know I have it in me. I could probably crank out at least a 15K, though I have to remind myself that it's bad news bears to amp up the mileage too soon. Still, I might be able to run a half before my birthday after all. The only unfortunate thing about tonight's run was that I hadn't eaten enough for that mileage, so I came home more exhausted than I should have been. And then ate about half a pound of food.

3. I'm famous!

4. I've written 16 letters so far. More than halfway there.

And in other news, R.I.P. Orlando Opera. I'm so sorry to hear of yet another company going down. (My own hometown's was one of the first to go. Seeing that website breaks my heart). It's terrifying out there. My condolences to everyone on the staff.

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