April 23, 2009

palabra jot!

This morning one of my friends posted a link to the video clip of the Star-Spangled Banner that used to be played as the networks were signing off for the night. It immediately reminded me of a tiny TV show I used to watch when I was a child, one where the main character, a little green bug, would fall asleep to the TV at the end of the show. The program was about writing, and at the end of each episode was a blurb about how to join "The Club."

I couldn't remember the name of the program -- only that it was on PBS, it had a bug, and something was called The Club. Ah, internet. You never fail me. Who needs more information than that?

I joined The Club as a child. I wanted to be a writer even when I was very young. I wish I could find the certificate they sent me!

My friend Amber and I share a love for movies and TV shows we watched as children. We're the same age and happen to have the same tastes in this sort of thing. Even when I bring up some obscure movie nobody's ever heard of, chances are good that Amber not only has seen it, but remembers it vividly and can still sing the soundtrack.

Jess: I'm naming my next pet Oblio
Jess: or maybe my firstborn
Amber: watch out w/the firstborns
Amber: some green mist might kill it
Amber: name wasted
Jess: you're right.
Jess: oh, poor Oblio
Amber: i think i'll get two cats and name them Oblio and Oubliette
Jess: hahahhaha
Amber: homage to labrynth, the point, R&J, EVERYTHING
Jess: I thought it would be fun to rename Cookie and call her Artax instead
Amber: HAHAHAAH why didn't you
Jess: I just thought of it last week
Jess: except artax was all white, and a boy horse
Jess: and also, she's been Cookie for 7 years
Amber: not important
Amber: make it happen
Amber: paint her
Jess: I'll see what i can do
Jess: it's her mane & tail that are the problem
Amber: she does look a little like artax
Jess: it came up when I was in utah. Mike had the song from the movie on a mix
Amber: NICE
Jess: and I was quietly RACKING MY BRAIN trying to come up with the horse's name
Jess: and he was like, "oh artax!" before I had a chance to open my mouth
Amber: ya know sometimes i get the feeling our conversations would only be valuable to the two of us
Amber: anyone else would be like, is that dutch?
Jess: I know, right?!
Jess: "what are they talking about?"
Jess: it's like spy code
Amber: haha yeah it's so obscure we could actually be of use to the gov't
Amber: any middle eastern spies would be like, "fuck i can't decode this nonsense"

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