April 25, 2009


Last night in staging rehearsal, Cristina caught my eye from the stage management table, and then in one swift hand motion donned a fake mustache and did a little dance. No one else noticed. I was standing on 'stage' listening to our director give notes, and tried so hard to stifle a laugh that I teared up. I still had the giggles when we ran the scene again, and during that run our baritone, Jose, crossed as usual to in front of the platform where two of us are lounging, but this time as he did he made a ridiculous face and wagged his butt at us. So basically I spent the entire rehearsal having an internal laugh attack as I tried desperately to keep a serious face. I love my job.

Today is the first orchestra reading. We haven't seen the full orchestra since Fidelio in October, and I am truly thrilled to have them back. I'd forgotten how utterly exciting it is to have 60 people playing in this room. And the introduction to Rigoletto is such exciting, sinister music. Little by little the players are asking me about my role as a super. "You dirty slut!" our flutist said, jokingly, when she asked what role I was playing.
"Wait until I'm downstairs in the pit in a nightgown," I said.

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