March 9, 2009

things I did today:
woke up on time; drank coffee; wore orange striped socks; listened to the radio; believed my car might not start; wore fingerless gloves; checked out a giant pile of heavy books; carried a giant pile of heavy books from the library, in the sunlight; got my hair cut; passed a beautiful mottled great dane and a pyrenees; admired the tops of the trees in the park blocks; ate an apple; called something a 'clusterfuck'; talked about grammar; attended two rehearsals; walked past a statue of abe lincoln.

things that are blue:
the ocean sometimes, the top of this computer window, my fingernails in the cold, the sky without clouds, the car I drive, the car I used to drive, my roommate's hair as a college freshman, socks (occasionally), the rocking chair on the balcony, my cousin Hope's eyes, my first leased horse's left eye, my eyes, a lot of eyes, winning ribbons, people who are sad, the moon in some songs, creme de menthe, certain gemstones, veins, my favorite color as a child.

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