March 30, 2009

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went to hear Heather of dooce speak tonight at Powell's; as expected she was hilarious and insightful and it was a great evening. she read two chapters from her new book, apologized to the dudes in the room for talking about milk leaking from her boobs, apologized to everyone in the room for her hair ("I got a little out of control with the curling iron"), and reminded everybody that "crayon" is pronounced "crown" and not ... "crayon." (I was raised with that pronunciation, too, and in college had to translate for a waitress in Syracuse, who tried valiantly to understand when my stepdad kept asking, "do you have crowns for the kids?"). It was a packed house but I still stayed to get my book signed and, I'm kind of embarrassed to admit, have a photo snapped. on a stranger's camera. who will hopefully remember to email it to me.

on my walk to Powell's a man sitting on the street asked me for cash, and when I apologized and smiled, he thanked me and said, "wonderful smile!" sometimes it's the little things.

things are happening here. april is very promising: a ski trip with Cristina, a weekend in Utah (without snow -- do you hear me, weather gods?), and then rehearsals start in earnest for Rigoletto. did you know I get to be a concubine in that show? I had to rearrange most of my month to be able to make rehearsals. today was my first costume fitting. even though I handle the music for every production we do, somehow having my neck to shoulder line measured took being a part of the opera to the next level.

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