March 28, 2009

drip drip drip

I still have not ridden Cookie in weeks, but we have started groundwork, which I think we'll continue in earnest. Today after running around loose in the arena like a happy, crazy monster, she did some work for me on the lunge line, tossing her head already less frequently than yesterday (though still seeming to say, despite trotting before I even asked, "I can't believe you're making me work!"). I intended to ride her around bareback, at a walk, to let her cool down, but the wind was howling and life in general was a little spooky, so instead I just clipped the reins to her halter and stood on the mounting block next to her. Moving off while I'm trying to get into the saddle is her number one worst habit. She stood quietly and let me scratch her from the block, and then she did the funniest thing: as she stood, she turned her head so her nose was touching my leg and she began to nicker insistently at me. It was like listening to a low-grade diesel engine. I couldn't discern if she was trying to boss me around, or if she was whispering sweet nothings into my leg. She repeated the behavior later in the afternoon, while I was putting her blankets on. Funny, funny horse.

Otherwise, this Saturday has consisted of very rainy, very cold stall cleaning, and the repeat and consistent drudgery of bowing Rigoletto as fast as I can manage. As of right now I'm halfway through the second violins; I've bowed 512 pages so far. My hand hurts.

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