March 25, 2009


pretty face

this is the pretty face that greets me at the barn. she's finally lost most of her winter coat; I had forgotten how pretty her summer coat is, lighter and more silvery than the buttermilk color she takes on in the cold. hopefully soon we will be able to dispose of the blankets for awhile. she likes to reach around and unhook the velcro on hers (she had already done that when I snapped this photo).

because of my hectic schedule and because I've gotten out of the habit, we haven't been together much lately, Cookie and I. I see her when I clean stalls, and when I'm there I always take off her blankets, brush her, and give her a carrot, but I don't ride. starting this weekend I'm headed to the barn every day for at least a week, to see where it takes us. two weeks ago I had two lessons in three days; in the first lesson she was a jerk, but in the second she gave in. I'm curious how much better she will be when she remembers what it is we do.

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