February 19, 2009


seen downtown today: a small Asian man in sweatpants with the best bowl cut ever; a girl in a hunter green coat and amazing legs, in black patterned tights.

The PBO show this weekend is a French program. Today the executive director asked me, "How much French Baroque music do you know?"
"None," I answered.
"Well," he said, "now you know all of it."

In rehearsal I mostly do very little other than listen and be prepared to move stuff, plug in lights, turn up the heat, or find somebody paper clips. Every 90 minutes I call the break, and 20 minutes later I make everybody get back to work. This leaves me with roughly 7 hours of relatively free time within rehearsal to do as I please, so long as I can do it in the rehearsal space quietly. During Messiah last December, I knit a couple of scarves, along with a set of arm warmers I made just to keep warm in the cold church. For this set I have a ton of opera work to be done, but the nature of the work requires that I spread out, which is not possible in a church pew. So I have mainly been reading, writing, and reading my old writing. I am surprised by it. There is enough of it -- I used my computer as a journal for two years before recently reverting back to pen & paper -- that a lot of it is stuff I don't remember writing. I've come to the conclusion that it needs some air. I think it'll start to see the light of day tomorrow.

and since today is one of those days where I'm inexplicably dying to be upside down (I have a lot of days like this), I'm going to go see if I can still conjure up my old forearm stand. Do you know I used to put my headphones in, listen to my favorite opera arias, and hang out in a headstand? remarkably, it's one of the few childhood skills I never lost as an adult. the things some people do for fun.

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